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Black Man Land
Музыка чёрных
The Jacksonians - California Dreamin'  
15th-Jan-2013 01:24 pm

The pride of Jackson, TN, began in 1968 as the Jacksonians. The members were Faris Lanier Jr., lead singer (born in 1949), his brother Fenoye, drummer (born in 1952), Sam Frazier (tenor sax), Lee Freeman (guitar), Mark Brown (trumpet and background vocals) and Joseph McKinney (keyboards and background vocals). Faris Lanier Sr. managed them and named them the Jacksonians. Work was easy to find and they backed the likes of Eddie Floyd and others from the outset. A guitar player, Billy Moten got the band noticed by someone at MGM Records. The label was trying to make some inroads in the R&B field by financing small soul labels in various cities. One label MGM assisted was Cleveland, OH's Wayout Records. Reportedly MGM advanced the label principals 80,000 dollars to produce records. The label sent the Jacksonians to Cleveland to record but Wayout paired them with Fred Towles, a soulful singer, for one release "Hook It to the Mule" credited as Fred Towles & the Jacksonians; the flip, an instrumental of the A-side, was all Jacksonians. Wayout had the Sensations under contract, and signed Jesse Fisher, the Soul Notes, Bobby Wade and others to their roster. Unfortunately for the Jacksonsonians and Towles most of the money went toward the Sensations, and "Hook It to the Mule" failed to hook listeners or sell many copies. Nothing was happening in Cleveland, so the band went back to Jackson to record for Sounds of Memphis Records (another MGM project). For their SOM and subsequent recordings Marlon Lanier, alto sax & background vocals (2-3-1955) joined. SOM release "California Dreaming" b/w "Sparkle Eyes" to a deafening silence around 1971. Other recordings remain unreleased and for the next 11 years the band played behind many of the South's major recording artists. allmusic.com
24th-Feb-2013 04:29 am (UTC)
Блестяще, на простейшей мелодии строить интересные вещи.
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